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ATC Truck Covers

ATC Express

Express Cab-High Truck Cap


The ATC Express provides all of the necessities required for a basic truck cap. With sliding side windows and a dual locking rear window, this truck top has the security and durability needed for a functional and stylish topper.



LED Cab-High Truck Cap


The LED truck cap provides more amenities while being extremely affordable. Tri-cell honeycomb structure and heavy duty aluminum rear door ensure a solid structure on the top, while the tinted glass and custom fit rear skirt give it a sleek and seamless look and fit.



LTD Cab-High Truck Cap


The ATC LTD truck cap provides the same basic features as the LED, but with a little more added value. Along with the custom fit rear skirt and tri-cell construction, this model includes carpeted headliner made from recycled bottles as well as a triple seal system to help keep the weather out.



LER / LER Classic Cab-High Truck Cap


The LER / LER Classic truck cap blends style and versatility. Featuring a large sliding side window and frameless rear door, the LER provides maximum airflow and accessibility while providing a clean look. For those looking for a classic look, the LER Classic is available with a top hinged rear door.



 LEX / LEX Classic


The LEX truck cap is a clean design with an all-glass rear door showing only a handle. This top features carpeted headliner, tinted windows, and a large side window. With 12V interior lighting choices, roof rack addition, and keyless entry available as an option, the ATC LEX / LEX Classic is the ultimate addition to any truck.



LHR Mid-Rise Truck Cap


The LHR truck cap features several amenities as the other models like large sliding side windows or a heavy duty rear door, except with a mid-rise roof providing the ability to tackle larger cargo. With its aerodynamic styling and extra cargo space, the LHR is a topper that takes any truck to the next level.



LHR XD Hi-High Truck Cap


The LHR XD is the largest mid-height cap on the market. The aerodynamically designed raised roofline provides a lot of additional cargo space. With its large aluminum framed heavy duty rear door, the LHR XD keeps stored cargo secure and ready for the job.



ATC Workforce

 Workforce Cab-High Commercial Truck Cap


The Workforce truck cap is a simple solution for adding utility to any truck. Easily access tools with folding T-handles on fiberglass side doors and the aluminum framed rear door. Any truck can be transformed into a work truck with the Workforce commercial truck cap.


ATC Pro Series

Pro Series Commercial Truck Cap


The Pro Series is the ultimate commercial truck cap providing you with increased security and the durability you need. Featuring a TIG welded aluminum frame, .040 gauge aluminum skin on all sides, and protective inner liner this cap is rugged and strong. With its Strattec lock cylinders and 3 point locking system, you can rest assured that your tools will be safe.


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